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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  July 3, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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and money the state spent disputing the claims. she said her staff spends most of the day dealing with those allegations instead of moving the state forward. she said this is not what she had in mind for alaska. >> the ethics complaints have been dismissed. we have won, but it hasn't been peace. the state has wasted thousands of hours of your time and shelled out some 2 million of your dollars to respond to opposition research. and thais moppy that is not going to fund -- money that is not going to fund teachers or troopers or safer roads. >> governor palin didn't take any questions at this press conference and that leaves a lot of questions on the table, what does thimean for her political future. will she run for president in between 12 or make a bid for alaska's senate? t lieutenant governor sean parnell will take her place and if you missed it, you can see the full press conference on our website by going to
6:01 pm brian. >> the national mall will be packed tomorrow. there are changes in security this year. john happen rehap has more. >> reporter: despite the recessionor because the recession, the mall timed -- seemed more crowded than usual on the day before the form. the federal police departments are ready for the big, big crowd expected tomorrow. >> hi. >> reporter: before joining the mounted unit at the u.s. park police, officer katey spent 5 years on cruiser patrols. with the ability to oversee crowds, she said being up on the horse allows police to hit a raft -- interact with people and get a feel for what is going on. the horse is definitely the best form of community policing that there is. people will come ver to see
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the horse. seek you out. they don't do that with a cruiser or motorcycle or bike. >> reporter: with good weather forecast for the 4th, a huge crowd is expected on the national mall. police agencies have learned from managing the million-plus crowd that showed up for president obama's inauguration. certain items like glass containers or alcohol will still be prohibited from the mall but there will be fewer police checkpoints than in the past. >> you should still plan for extra time for the checkpoints, depending on where you're going. i think there are areas that are more open and you may or may not have to go through a checkpoint. >> reporter: another change, the smithsonian metro station will be open this 4th of july. it's a normally closed so platforms don't get swamped by crowds. this year, the plan is too open, the stage. escalator workers were furiously trying to get the third-moving stairwell open on the mall entrance to the
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smithsonian. ing in it to the american something seenian folk life festival and the news museums open tomorrow, there is concert tomorrow night starring barry manilow, aretha franklin and natasha beddingfield. he's a hint from a guy who has been around the long time, the full dress rehearsal starts at 8:00 tonight. bring your lawn chair. they ready to g. the whole show looks the same and the crowd will be way thenar at 8:00 tonight. brian? talk about burying the lead there. natasha beddingfold is in town. we're talking. things i should know, you can bring coolers, backpacks and packages. they going to be inspected. the obvious, you can't bring illegal substances, guns, alcohol or your own fireworks or grill. is it going rain? it's july 4th.
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>> it's and -- it is and going to be warm tomorrow. for most of july, the 4th festivities. let's get to the forecast. going to be okay out there. we have had some changes to the weekend's forecast. for tomorrow, it really looks good. we're still calling for an isolated shower or thunderstorm possible. late in the day and there is no way in the world i can tell when you those may or may not pop up or where exactly they will. let's hope theytay away from the mall and it looks like late tomorrow night and into sunday, we're going to have a rapid increase in clouds and the big change here is that we're gone ahead to switch over to make sunday mostly wet, okay and with the clouds and showers, temperatures will be cooler in the mid- to upper 70s. we have made changes for the weekend'forecast but tomorrow, still looks pretty good. a little bit warmer and more sunny and should stay dry. it will stay dry the most part for all the fireworks. brian? >> thank you. metro get back on track in time for the 4th.
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the redline trains are back at full speed. the only exception, the area near the scene of the deadly crash. metro will be open all day long on the holiday. the smithsonian station will be open tomorrow. you heard john henrehan. what else do you want to know? look up for what to do, how to do go and how to get there. >> a man rings the doorbell at an apple computer store, an employee opens the door and gets shot. the woman hit is in serious condition. the gunman nowhere to be found. paul wagner has the news edge from arlington. >> reporter: witnesses said they first heard a commotion, what sounded like boxes falling on the ground in the back room and then a gun shot. the gunman ran down a hallway into this breezeway where he got away. >> there were two employees and customers inside the store when police say the man rang the doorbell.
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the victim didn't recognize the van. why did showion the door? is there a peepholor camera? a spokesperson said there are mores in place. as paramedics attended to the wounded employees described as a 26-year-old woman, police closed in, setting up a perimeter in el cajones -- hopes of catching's gunman. can opens were on the scene and officers kept watch. police say store surveillance cameras and images of man. witnesses said they never saw the gunman. all but one declined to talk on camera. >> the first was not that it was gun shot. that is what it sounds like. we also looked in the back. the employees started running and young ladies screaming call 911. >> reporter: arlington police don't have a motive, calling it a shoot at this point, looking
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for a skinny black male, 6 feet tall, wearing light-colored clothing and a black hat with facial hair. apple's released this statement, in part it reads: we are shocked by the senseless act of violence and are for our coworker and the family and working with police to help capture the person who committed this crime. the mother of a maryland teenageer beaten to death while riding his bike said she may sue the school system. jenny adkips said the ann arundel county school system failed to protect her son. his death is linked to local neighborhood activities. the system promised to protect her son who was killed on a sunday and off school grounds. her lawyer tells the news edge tonight they won't sue if the school system makes a fair offer. what did investigators find in michael jackson's home that could shed light on his sudden
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death. the edge on that and funeral plans coming up. this is more than's hunk of twisted level. tells the story of september 11th and you can add your own words to the story. and how this baseball field is being turned into something much more for the murder murder families of fallen soldiers. we ie backn two.
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>> new information in the death of michael jackson. a law enforcement offici in l.a. said the sedative called diprivan was found inside his rented home. it's a usually administered through an iv to knock people out for surgery. funeral arrangements have been final assed. there will be a private memorial and the public phase, in downtown l.a. the arena hopes 20,000 people, a lottery will be held for tickets. 17 ex500 for the in-person memorial at the staples center. another 17,500 for a simulcast
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at the nokia center. the cityexpects massive crowds outside, despite having no claims for vowing screens. the service will be broadcast live around the world. aside from crowd control, officials are worried about how to pay for all the police overtime. country music star trace adkins will be in the d.c. area to provide a private 4th of july concert for 150 people. shawn yancy has those details. >> reporter: the concert, a night to remember is to honor fallen service members. the setup for tomorrow's concert is underway at the southern maryland blue crab stadium in waldorf, maryland. 150 family members of troops who died fighting for r uo eefrm uam hve been invited to see the concert, all expenses paid. >> it helps us break what was tradition for us and helps us continue to define our new normal. so, we have been working at -- [ indiscernible ] >> as far as other people in the situation, just remembering that the military's due to -- [
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indiscernible ] for freedom. they're out there every day fighting and they giving us themselves without asking anything. heros wear many hats and this country has more than the fighting men and women. we have the o.j. where you can write your memorial message to those who died on september 11th. and the lighter side of american history. hello to a history lesson for you. when was the 4th of july first celebrated? john adams told his wife abigail he thought the nation's celebrations was second in the declaration of the independence was adopted by the continental congress. the next year, everyone forgot to celebrate. they quickly scrambled to get something together for the anniversary of the day, the revised version is approved. the 4th. so, the first 4th of july celebration was in 1777 in philadelphia. with fireworks. 
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>> on this independence day weekend, organizers of the national september 11th memorial museum say there is something patriotic you can do here to honor and remember the lives lost that day. jennifer davis shows you what it is. >> reporter: they came, they saw and they signed. onafter the other in a seemingly endless line. >> i was near the pentagon when that happened and it's a -- it's a something you will never forget. all the people that were lost. but -- the family to be a part of it. >> we havea lot of memories of that day. >> reporter: it's a the simple act of signing the buildings. they will be the foundation of the national september 11th memorial and museum being built- in new york city. >> what e look at is america
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is building this memorial. when you're talking about signatures on this foundational steel, it's a a real important message that all of us are invested in this national memorial. >> reporter: officials from the 9/11 museum, which is under construction at the world trade center site, have been travelling around the country since 2007, collecting signatures on this steel beam. tens of thousands of people in 27 states have signed them. the memorial is expected to open on september 11th, 2011 and by then, officials hope to have collected signaturings from all 50 states. something that touches those who lost loved ones on that day. >> in the days and months after 9/11, if it was not for the outpouring of support, um, the american public -- [ indiscernible ] and cards. i don't think we could have made it. and if you look at the kids here and the folks today that are signing this, it's a, again, sent for the families, sent for the memorials and making the mistake. no, we're not going to forget it. >> reporter: jennifer davis,
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fox 5 news. >> the getaway started yesterday and 95 southbound brutal. i keep my eyes on the beaches. with the 4th of july on saturday this year. you have the saturday, the saturday crowd that has been there all week that will try to milk it a little bit. you have the saturday to saturday crowd coming in. most are jammed right now. >> it could be a long commute either way. back and forth and -- . >> all looking at the sky. >> that's right. it looks good, though, for tomorrow and tomorrow evening. the saturday forecast, of course, july 4th. it's a still going to be nice this picture gets better and better. bluer and bluer out there. the clouds are going to move on off to the east and i think the chance now for scattered showers or thunderstorms almostel in this evening. appears to get -- that we're going to get drier air and the forecast -- we haven't made any
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changes here. mostly sunny, warm, still a chance of a spotty shower or a storm or two late in the afternoon. high temperature, 84 to 87 degrees's the bit muggy but not a big deal. not as muggy as what we see around here on july 4th. limited sunshine kept the temperatures in the 70s and what a treat. the day before july the 4t. look where it's a hot and down in texas. can you imagine being in dallas? 100 degrees. the humidity is 1,000%. it's a very, very, very muggy down there and clouds overnight and temperatures to 65 degrees and tomorrow morning, mostly clear and sunny. low to mid-60s, north and west of the city.
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and getting into the upper 50s in the morning, 72 to start tomorrow, 81 and partly cloudy at noon. again, put this in, there is a spotty chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. he our max hd future cast. right through the tomorrow and going to be good. nixing clouds late in the day. it's a sunday where we have made the changes here. notice sunday morning, 8 a.m. cloudy for us and we're watching the showers back to the west of us. yesterday, suggesting that maybe this was all -- this is all staying to the south of us. that has changed. through the day on sunday, yes, now, there is a chance of rain d the heaviest of that is right down i-95. towards the southern sections of virginia and it's does work getting out of here by sunday evening. that means nicer conditions for thunder and for tuesday and wednesday. all things considered, not a bad holiday weekend, especially for tomorrow. we don't have to worry about that. just the rain comes in on
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sunday and shower. the temperatures only -- beauty of course in the ice of the beholder. behold a 6'" -- [ indiscernible ] there was an instance. carved by a man named troy landwer, she originally weighed a thousand pounds. not sure of the final weight. also carved mount rushmore and the signing of the declaration of the independence. did you see it? thankfully curiousity is easier on kids than cats. the guy got his head stuck in a storm drain. >> eye fire department had to use the job. will take about 40 minutes. not hurt but officially what he was doing. >> round two out of congress. dave ross is live with more. >> reporter: ross? >> yeah, it's a hard to own a tiger. this tiger is pretty good.
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anthony kim from yesterday, and jim curic -- jim furyk. a shocker at wimbledon for the local fans coming up on the sports edge. see you in a minute. how not to pay tribute to michael jackson. the canadian football league find this guy, arlen bruce, for taking off hiselmet and shoulder pads, laying down in the end zone and that is supposed to be michael jackson laying in repose. he got two objectional conduct penalties, except for celebration it's a canadian proof. and i --
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>> hello, everybody. dave ross live from congressional country club. day 2 of the at&t national is in the -- what a shocker this is. news flash. tiger woods on top at 10-under par. how did he get there? let's look, shall we? we shall. tiger woods for the second day in a row getting on fire. birdies the first hole and got him right away to is-under par. how did about the approach on the 8-ball, par 4 and checking in all the way back. tiger woods gorgeous and finishes off the 8-ball with the birdie. a 4-under 66 dead. at 10-under par and he's your leader and he loves the d.c. crowd. >> a little bigger than what we
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have seen so far. were talking about that today. i don't blame some of the bigger events or something like that where you can have probably twice as many people, you know, around, and you know, overall,his is -- i didn't play last year but from what i have seen, the first year. the first-year. a lot of fans here and what a great day to be out of here at congressional. look at the beautiful golf course. anthony kim was the first-round leader after a course record 62 and this birdie on 16 and shot even par 70 and is all over the place, two shots behind tiger. how about jim furyk? the u.s. open champion. >> wow. makes birdie from there and a kick-in, no problem and more from -- [ indiscernible ] some of these guys might try to get tier woods. out of the rough on 14 and how do you do that?
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i can't but he can. that is going down. a 3-under 67. 7-under overall. switching gears to a little bit of tennis now and in wimbledon and overseas. everyone thought it would be end murray and the roger federer guy. they were half right. one had to go. would it be randy roddick or murray? the american going up against the scot. the american gets the better of it on this day and this is huge for andy on roddick. and. [ indiscernible ] the final, '04-'05 against federer. going for a record 15 grand slams if he gets the win on sunday and andy roddick. we'll have something to say about that and the story, what else? tiger woods 10-under par, a 4-
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under 66 and should be a great weekend. tiger woods trying to win his tournament the first time. brian bolter, back to you in the studio. >> 10 secs, who -- hershey washington not making the can the. a big name. >> i don't think he's going to make it. probably the biggest local guy. >> we'll watch all weekend long and now you have the news edge. at 10, the news edge at 11.
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>> found us on the forecast and, of course, this is what it's a all en about, theth of july. tomorrow. it's a looking good. lots of sunshine. more sunshine this day and warmer, too. the temperatures will be up there in the mid-80s for just about everyone. and towards the end of the day, we're not surprised that we don't have a spotty thunderstorm or two. but it does not look like it's a going to be a big deal at all. this may indeed go down asne of the better july 4th that we have had in awhile. remember last year, we had thunderstorm and showers everywhere. and it was dangerous in the mall, too. shouldn't be that way tomorrow. high clouds coming in and may be a pop-up shower here or there and it's a sunday we have made changes, going to be cloudy and showers. the clouds will thicken up tomorrow night and the showers will get here right now sunday, mid-morning and stay with us on and off most of the day. sunday, not as good as perhaps we were thinking yesterday. 86 for the official high tomorrow. much cooler with the clouds and showers on sunday and high pressure builds back inight now. that is how it looks monday, tuesday and wednesday and actually most of next week, too. still not seeing any oppressive heat or humidity coming our way. enjoy this weekend and have a


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